Case study series 1: Numis summer event

Case study series 1: Numis summer event

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Numis for our Final Cypher Pop-up Escape Room experience! The event took place in their office in central London and a few weeks after the event, Alex caught up with Millie from Numis to see how their experience went…

Alex:   Hi Millie, thank you so much for sparing the time to have a quick chat!

Millie:  No problems!

Alex:   So to start off, why were you looking to arrange an event for your team this summer?

Millie:  The main reason for the event was to try and get people to do something collaborative outside of day to day work. We wanted to get people together across departments and to do that in a fun and informal way. We wanted to do a team-building event that would bring people together in an original way.

Alex:   How come you ended up choosing an Onigo event?

Millie:  We wanted to do something fun, active and didn’t involve sitting at the desk. Most people at Numis have a very busy schedule so it can be a problem to coax people out of the office!! Your event was perfect because it meant people could stay in the building but just pop upstairs, do something different, get away from their desks and meet new people. We originally tried to do a sports day but it was a bit of a nightmare to organise that in central London. Your event was much more straightforward but had the same outcome!

Alex:   How did the experience go for you as the event booker and for the participants?

Millie:  It was great! We were very impressed with the organisation of everything especially as it made putting on the event easy. What’s more you were really flexible with numbers and payment was very smooth. It was great you were able to check that the site was suitable and make sure the space was what you needed before the day. The event on the day was great fun, the puzzles were a good challenge and everyone really enjoyed it. The fact that we could mix up the teams definitely achieved our objective of getting people together who wouldn’t necessarily meet each other. Everyone came away with a smile on their face and having done something different and met someone new which is great!

Alex:   What benefits have you noticed as a result of your Onigo experience?

Millie:  I would say that people have met others who they didn’t know before so it has brought people together. It also cemented relationships with people who have met in passing previously. I’ve also had loads of positive feedback about it and people are asking me if we are doing anything else like this in the future. 

Alex:   Thanks so much Millie for taking the time to speak to me and I am so delighted to hear you enjoyed your Onigo experience!

Millie:  No problems! Thanks so much again for a great event!

Alex Stanley
September 12, 2023
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