How to boost remote workforce engagement

How to boost remote workforce engagement

In the past few years, the world saw a dramatic increase in the number of companies that switched to remote working. Over the last few years, the population of remote workers has grown by over 400 times. In the UK alone, 2023 surveys note that 16% of all workers are part of the remote workforce.  

However, one side effect that companies have noticed is that engagement rates have decreased as a result of working remotely. Remote employees now feel less interested and connected with their places of work. Some companies worry as research shows that low engagement can negatively impact profitability. If your company is experiencing the same problem, here are a few tips to strengthen employee engagement in a remote workforce.

Offer professional development opportunities

In a 2022 survey on remote work, 45% of respondents stated that working remotely makes career growth seem more challenging to achieve. In today’s fast-paced society, it is necessary for employees to evolve. Thus, companies should offer professional development opportunities where workers can upskill and learn new knowledge. This will further train them and sharpen their skills while making them a more valuable member of the workforce. These can be adapted for remote workers through online workshops arranged on company time. These can also be beneficial for companies as they are more cost-effective than in-person meetings. You can look into providing seminars on several timely topics, such as creating online content and web advertising. By giving your remote employees a chance to grow, you are also giving them more incentive to participate and engage with the company.

Strengthen communication

When asked about the struggles of remote working, employees commonly cite communication as a pain point. Remote workers find that they are less in sync than employees who regularly meet in an office. Many say this affects their work habits and makes some tasks more difficult to do. Research shows that providing effective communication platforms improves the connection between employees and increases their work ethic. It allows them to collaborate more effectively. Asynchronous communication platforms are especially preferred as it eliminates the need to find a common schedule for a meeting. Some of the most popular communication apps include GSuite, Slack, and Discord. Providing a helpful communication tool for your employees makes their work feel less isolating and increases their workflow.

Offer virtual team-building sessions

One downside of remote working is that it gives employees fewer opportunities to build professional relationships, which may lead to weak team performance. It also causes estranged departments, creating information silos that promote disengagement and lack of accountability. A virtual team-building session can encourage a team culture wherein departments can work together and foster cooperation. Some examples of virtual team-building activities include online escape rooms and trivia nights. Holding a fun hour-long meeting where remote employees can unwind and get involved with one another increases collaboration and work engagement for the company.

Give and ask for feedback

Feedback is necessary for any employee to grow and improve, but remote workers receive fewer performance reviews compared to those that work in an office. This can make them feel disconnected from their company or even make them think that the work they do is not valuable. Offering feedback and asking them to do the same with the company promotes a good work ethic and motivates employees to become more involved. To accomplish this, supervisors can schedule weekly check-ins with employees to discuss performance and offer professional advice. By giving and asking for feedback, companies can improve engagement with their remote employees.

Promoting employee engagement in a remote setting may seem challenging, but there are many ways to entice remote workers to be more involved. Follow these tips to increase the engagement of your remote employees.

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Zeah Jane
June 16, 2023
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